Shanghai Xinqing Heating and Ventilation Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 and it was reconstructed from the original Shanghai Xinyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Co.,Ltd. of the Bureau of Instrument. It has rich experience in aspects of design, installation and maintenance of boiler system equipment and the company team includes more than 20 professional technician engineers and 30 technical operators. In the past two decades, the company has undertaken all kinds of boiler room projects and service projects of many famous enterprises and units such as China Eastern Airlines Co.,Ltd., 3M China Co.,Ltd., Switzerland Novartis Pharma Co.,Ltd., Sino-American Shanghai Squibb Pharma Co.,Ltd., Villa Sandalwood, Shanghai City Shuguang Hospital, Ruijin Hospital of Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Pudong Zhengda Plaza, etc. It has extremely high popularity and credibility in the industry.

Xin Qing has ability to supply the best service plan for customers and concentrates on every projects no matter big or small. We supply comprehensive and professional service and sales resolution program. Our considerate service can guarantee the customers to have reliable and stable boiler system.

---------- The secret for Xin Qing to succeed?--------
Combination of excellent technology and considerate service!

Our team is complete and we work together with engineering technicians so that we can guarantee the complete system of the best boiler. We can help you to decline the cost of the energy with the most advanced and mature technology and ensure that our projects are the most safe and reliable.

Xin Qing is willing to undertake one-time work or long term projects. We can supply professional technology and rich experience through many years’ practice of project cases. 

Does your boiler need to be conducted annual inspection or maintenance? Let Xin Qing  supply professional service for you. 

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The development process of the company is also the process of exploring and perfecting gradually of the team and technical capacity of the company. We can fully feel the firmness of every success of Xin Qing in the past and the confident of the stable development in the future through summarizing the three phases of the company.

The first phase: establishment and exploration(1991-1997)

The second phase: excellent service and be leading in domestic(1998-2002)

The third phase: Big project with high difficulties(from 2003 until now)


Xin Qing is always responding to the call of the government, recommends safe environmental products with high energy-efficient and low emission for customers, undertakes large amount of reconstruction projects of boiler room aiming at energy-saving and environment protection and keeps the pass rate of 100%.


The company became the professional security unit of boilers designated by Shanghai government during the period of the World Expo and guarantees the the World Expo to be smooth.